Black Smoke Over The VillageBlack Smoke Over The Village

Black Smoke Over The Village

It is the turn of the 20th Century, and the village of Maliyadda in Central highland Province of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is home to a poor family. Wasala and his wife Sudum are parents to six children. Their second eldest son Siri Bandara (Siri) was forced to leave home after a feud with father. During the new year period a festival takes over the village. He builds a relationship with grocer Dhana, yet as fate had it, he nearly has an affair with his wife. When her husband learns of this, a fight ensues at night and ultimately Dhana is killed. As a result, Siri gets caught and sentenced to life in prison by the court leaving his whole family and Village in despair. The fourth eldest son Jaya decides to seek happiness as a monk. The last son Ratna joins the Navy and quickly promoted to the Rank of Officer. One day, while at sea they come across a boat smuggling weapons. A bomb is thrown at the warship and all the navy officers slip away from the life. The whole village falls into deep sadness, and Sudum, Ratna’s mother, says goodbye because of her great love to her son.